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Shaw Pure Gas (1 Treatment)

Shaw Pure Gas (1 Treatment)

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Shaw Pure Gas cleans the air you breathe. It removes foul odors caused by cigarettes, cigars, food, and pets. Shaw Pure Gas is formulated to quickly control & eliminate mold/mildew and other foul smells.

Shaw pure ease is designed with E A S E - Easy, Affordable, Safe, Effective


- Clean area prior to treatment and use gas in an easy pre-packaged system designed to treat up to 2250 cubic feet per gas unit.

- No mixing or measuring, just open foil, insert pouch in dampened sponge and place in container.


- Each gas unit treats 250 square feet in 6 hours or less, reducing downtime.

- When compared to other treatment options, Shaw Pure gets more done in less time. - Treat for a couple of pennies per cubic foot.


 - When used as directed, Shaw Pure requires no PPE.

- Does not harm interior finishes.


- EPA-registered product against odor-causing bacteria.

- Cleans the air you breathe.

- EPA REG. NO. 87508-2-98419.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review