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Lok Dots Applicator Gun

Lok Dots Applicator Gun

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Simple Three-Step Installation

Installation is easy with LokDots. All you need is a LokDots applicator, rolls of LokDots and EcoWorx backed carpet tiles:

Load applicator with a roll of LokDots.

Pull applicator across the back of a carpet tile (3 dots/corner & 3 dots in the center).


Application and Installation Benefits

LokDots is applied via a durable, lightweight handheld applicator; its triggerless design is ergonomically safe and intended for repetitive use. This intuitive system allows for flexible installation in regard to perimeter and interior cutting. Floor preparation is limited to clearing dust and debris.

A simple solution for even the most complicated installations:

    • Eliminates the odors, curing time and mess associated with wet adhesives


    • Product can be installed at 95% RH and at 12 pH up to 10 pounds, saving on remediation in high moisture applications


    • Efficient installation increases productivity and reduces costs


  • Installs over concrete, terrazzo, VCT, cutback, raised floors, pressure-sensitive and multipurpose adhesives and wood

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