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Post Grouting Installation Clean-Up

Post Grout Installation Clean-Up

Post Grouting Installation Clean-Up

  1. Grout haze is a film left behind on the surface of the tile as part of the final grouting process; it is usually buffed off the surface after the grout has achieved its initial 12 to 24 hour cure, with the use of a cheese cloth material. If after 48 hrs a grout haze still exists, then use a “grout haze remover” which usually contains Sulfamic Acid. Sulfamic acid cleaners should ONLY be used on Ceramic and/or Porcelain tiles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never use Acids on natural stone tiles; this could lead to permanent etching. Instead use a Natural Stone Cleaner and a cheese cloth for grout haze removal.

  1. In cases where you have used Epoxy Grouts , you may need to use an “Epoxy Haze Remover”. These cleaners are formulated to quickly and safely remove Epoxy grout haze, without damaging the grout or the tile face of your newly installed ceramic floor.

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