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Hardwood Flooring Care & Maintenance

hardwood maintenance

Hardwood Flooring Care & Maintenance


Note: All woods are affected by light. Some exotic species will darken while others species will tend to lighten over a period of time when exposed to natural and artificial light sources. Some wood species darken and/or lighten at a faster rate than others. This is a natural characteristic of wood and does not constitute any type of product defect.

 Routine Maintenance

  1. Use a damp cloth to blot up spills as soon as they happen. Never allow liquids to stand on your floor.
  2. For tough spots, such as oil, paint, markers, lipstick, ink, or tar, use 10% acetone/nail polish remover on a clean white cloth, then wipe the area with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue.
  3. Sweep, dust, or vacuum the floor regularly with the hard floor attachment (not the beater bar) to prevent accumulation of dirt and grit that can scratch or dull the floor finish.
  4. Periodically clean the floor with cleaning products made specifically for pre-finished hardwood floor care, such as Shaw’s R2X Hard Surface Cleaner.
  5. Do not wash or wet mop the floor with soap, water, oil-soap detergent, or any other liquid cleaning material. This could cause swelling, warping, delamination, and joint-line separation, and void the warranty.
  6. Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or strong ammoniated or chlorinated type cleaners.
  7. Do not use any type of buffing or polishing machine.
  8. For spots such as candle wax or chewing gum, harden the spot with ice and then gently scrape with a plastic scraper, such as a credit card. Be careful not to scratch the flooring surface. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  9. For tough stains, you may need to use a heavy-duty stain remover made specifically for hardwood floors.
  10. A more frequent dust-mopping or vacuuming schedule may be required in very sandy areas such as a beach home.

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